Author Topic: Tile an entire group?  (Read 1897 times)

I apologize if this has been requested before, but I would love to have a way to make an entire group tile (patch) vs having to setup a node for each output and update them individually.  Perhaps there's a way to achieve this with the current system that I'm not aware about but I have yet to find anything that does this.  Any reason why this wouldn't work?

Try the Material Transform node in the library.
Btw, the trick is that every node in the library is a substance in itself.
I personally made a variation of the Material Transform that suits my needs better.

Thanks Mario, this is certainly a solution that I didn't consider.  The main reason I like using the the patch tile function is that alot of the textures I'm working with aren't necessarily tileable from the start, so using that feature not only gives me the ability make them tileable, it does the tiling as well.  I'll have to look into tinkering with the node's substance to see if I can get what I'm looking for, just wished the patch tiler did what the material transform node does and alter all the map types together :)