Author Topic: 'Collapse All' option in Library & Swappable graphic buttons  (Read 673 times)

In the library panel where it lists all your noises, generators and many other things, I think there should be a 'collapse all' graphic button right beside the 'Edit item' graphic button.

This makes navigation easier so users don't have to scroll down through every folder that is already expanded just to get to search for that particular folder where the item is located at.

Also if users don't like the placement the graphical buttons; I think dragging the graphic buttons based on the axis to swap positions with another graphic button would custom tailor their way of looking at things first without having to think twice on where they are.  So for example, currently in the library panel you have 'Add folder', 'New Filter' and 'Edit item'; since they are placed horizontally you can swap them by dragging either of them.  Another example would be in photoshop where you drag a layer on top or below another layer and its on a vertical axis.
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