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I've searched around the forums and watched some tutorials but still could not find one simple direct answer for this workflow so I thought I'd post the question here.

1. If my intention is to go from Painter to Octane for C4d should I begin my project in PBR Spec Gloss or PBR Metal Rough?
2. As far as exporting the final textures and getting the same look in C4d Octane is there one preset Config that will work here? I've watched Glasshand studios video tutorial on this and he exports two configs. I'd rather just get what I need the first time and export once if possible. I actually tried to setup a custom configuration for this where I duplicated the config "PBR Spec Gloss from Metal Rough" and added a "Roughness" channel to that but my output log said "roughness can't be generated for the texture set". I checked the folder where I exported and the texture was in fact not created. I've attached a screenshot of what I've created if it helps.
3. If anyone knows of a preset config I can load up and the proper workflow I should use I'd be happy enough to be pointed to that too!

Thanks so much in advance for taking time to answer!


Bump. I'm actually really surprised there's not a preset for Octane, as big as that export list is. Plus the Unity/Octane integration seems to be picking up steam.

There is no need for a specific preset with Octane. We updated the documentation, it should help a bit better now :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Hi Froyok,

The support link shows Octane standalone, not Octane C4D.

Loading the Substance PBR material from LiveDB into Octane in C4D and you're presented with a fairly complicated node graph and it isn't clear where to plug in the various exported textures.

Would it be possible to get some support on exporting a Metallic Roughness workflow from Painter into Octane C4D?

Perhaps some screenshots of where to plug the textures in?

Just wanted to add my voice to this--I'm in the same position (using Octane in C4D, no idea how to plug the textures in to the template material).  Would love some info.  Thanks!

Raphael Rau AKA Silverwing is putting a tutorial together about this and is releasing a PBR Octane shader which can work with Substance outputs.

Not sure when, but he shared some progress on his Facebook page the other day.
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