Author Topic: Adding a button which allows people to paint over multiple texture sets  (Read 1714 times)


Repeating a post that I made, if I have it well over a month ago. Vincent asked to add it in the forum and one of the people of the staff would reply... Unfortunately the reply never came.
Using SP for smaller props is great, thought for large architectural builds it is very hard to line up the textures since we can not cross texture faces. Unless there is some trick to line up materials - projections - textures we're I have no knowledge about the job is seriously tedious.
I realise that this might be pretty deep in the architecture of the soft but would it be possible to add a button (on/off) which would allow to texture over multiple texture faces?

Thank you very much in advance.
Kind regards

this will come with UDIMs supportn, and we are working (hard) on it.
no ETA, as this is big changes!

Thank you for your reply Vincent. This as great news, I do realise this is a really major change and I'm patient, just very happy that it's scheduled.

Hey zedtremont, did u try tri-planar projection? Basically for each fill layer you have (even for the masks) you have an option to either use UV projection or Tri-planar projection. If you use the latter on EVERY layer in one texture set and then add (or copy) the material from this first texture set to another texture set, both textures would be perfectly aligned automatically. You would have to tweak in two places at once if you want to add any changes later though, so your suggestion is 1000% valid, but as a temporary solution do try my method.