Author Topic: How to bake and use a position map?  (Read 3085 times)

Can anyone point me to a video on how to bake and use a position map? I'm trying to remove the texture seams on a model so I can apply dirt around the entire object.

I think I'm suppose to bake a Positions Map using Mode: All Axis and Normalization: BBox.

And then use a Tri Planar Node and connect the Position map and my dirt texture to the input. I believe I'm suppose to use Projection: All Axis.

Do I need to use the World Space Normal too?

Any thoughts?


I thought there was a video with that red robot or that Cyber Ninja.

Hello there, you can bake all the textures if you link a 3D model to your new substance, select it and right click to bring out a dialog box and choose bake model information (remember, you need two models, low and high poly to do this).

And about how to use it, it's very simple, there's many nodes that have it's input ports named as the baked textures, or, if you want to make your own nodes (substances), just keep in mind that every channel (RGB and A if it have it) basically are gray scale data (0 to 255), only depends on how you are going to use that info (speaking about the normalmap (XYZ) and the similar ones).