Author Topic: Trouble with Obj File Baking  (Read 2609 times)

Hi, I am having trouble baking an obj file that is created in ProBuilder for Unity3d. I have touched base with the probuilder team and they assure me that there is nothing wrong with my obj file.

The thread it here:

I am wondering if you can offer any assistance. To recap:

Hi, I am trying to import a probuilder obj file into substance painter. I have tried every export option avaliable in probuilder that I can find.

In importing to substance painter, I am getting the following error.

[Scene 3D] The string "isp" cannot be converted into a value.

I am not sure what the string ISP is ?

Then I tried to open in blender and meshlabs first, then export as a fbx.

And when I bake the materials (creates normal map, AO map, etc). I get the following results. The size of the texture areas (you can see in the image), relates exactly to a 1 x 1 area in unity.

When I apply any materials to the OBJ it comes out incorrect. I attached an image of the post bake.

Here are the original OBJ file, plus the FBX from blender.

Thank you.

DX file for completeness.

You are baking unique UVs information over a tilling UV setup. This won't work.
You either have to redo the UVs of your mesh or find a way to rework the mesh. So in the current situation, your mesh is not suited to be used in Substance Painter. Unless you don't need baking additional map, in that you end-up with the following workflow :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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