Author Topic: Normal Map problems from Bake in Marmorset Toolbag 3  (Read 3133 times)

Hello, I'm having this issue right here:
This is what's being displayied in marmorset:

and here is the same model in S painter 2:

The Marmoset normal space is set to Mikk/Xnormal
The green channel has been inverted already

Could anyone please help ?
Thank you !

You probably shouldn't have inverted the green channel, because it clearly looks like it's flipped the wrong way in Painter. What does it look like if you flip it back?

like this:

any idea what's going on ?

Ended up converting the object space normal map into the correct format using Handplane and it's working fine now.
I still don't know what went wrong though.

I also noticed that there was an issue with my baked curvature :

maybe that's where the issue is ?

Ok if someone is going to have a similar problem in the future. I found what was going on.

Marmorset toolbag 3 has 2 different places where to set the normal tangent space.

One is in the preference settings(which was set correctly in my case), the second one is under mesh property !!! (which overrides the preferences)

Hope this helps somebody !  :)