Author Topic: Questions re the Substance FAQ  (Read 1163 times)

I have the Indie perpetual licenses package, i.e., Painter, Designer, etc. I'm considering switching to the Substance subscription but confused by two statements in the Substance FAQ:

1. Re later acquiring a perpectual license, it says:
"When you are subscribed for more than 12 months consecutively, when you cancel you get the option to purchase a perpetual license of all the software for $49. This license does not provide any maintenance to the software. You can purchase maintenance for each software on the website."
So its $49 plus $75 for the maintenance per software if you want upgrades after you unsubscribe?

2. Re "Can I cancel when I want?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.
Please note you will lose the possibility to get a perpetual license of the software when you cancel your subscription."
This conflicts with the after 12 months statement above.
Should this read: "...lose the possibility... cancel your subscription before 12 months?

1. Yes, the $49 gives you a perpetual license for the latest version of all the tools in the pack at the time of payment.
If you still want one more year of maintenance and updates, you'll need to pay $75 per tool.

2. Indeed, poor wording :)

Thanks Jeremy