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Hello everyone,

and at 40:00 he uses the "add Paint" effect to remove some of the grunge from previous generators.

He changes the grayscale from white to black and paint over the mesh. When I do the same the grayscale affects only the Height map.

On his video, only the Color map is available. How do I disable the other maps? Or how do I make the grayscale affects only the color map?

Please let me know if you need more information.

Thank you for your help

Hey, could you provide your log file, please?
Log file procedure :

Does your case looks like this one?


Hello Vincent,

Thanks for your time. It was the exact same issue. However, after reopening the software today it fixed hehe

Anyway, I've attached the log as requested. I hope it helps.

Thanks again for your time.

did you update to the latest version?

Hello Vincent,

I did but the problem was fixed before updating. It was a simply matter of closing/opening Substance.

same problem here.. grayscale afecting the height map not the color of the mask. in this gif I´m trying to switch between black and white for the mask and I´m not able to do it
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Proper reproduction steps would help to investigate the issue. So please provide as much information as you can.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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I don´t know how to reproduce the issue, it cames  from nowhere..first it´s working perfectly fine and suddenly it starts doing this crazy thing, and the only way to fix the situation is closing and reopen painter.
I don´t know if this have some kind of relation with the new autoback system?..just guessing