Author Topic: Clone Stamp Tool  (Read 9358 times)

Is there a possibility to include a "Clone Stamp" Tool like Photoshop?

It's planned.

Yey!!! :)

Yes, please, I'm still waiting for something like this :)

The clone tool is very highly ranked in my wishlist too :D

yeah!!! a Clone stamp tool please!! I really need it!!
Thanks dev team!!  ;D ;D ;D

if i had a vote, I'd add it to this request - cloning several channels at the same time would be a really nice feature!
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yes please  :o
This has been my number #1 annoyance with painter since the beta. I really wish proper brush tools will arrive before Painter 2.0

2nd annoyance is lack of ortho mode and 3rd is lack of grid snapping, this would be useful in combination with ortho mode, I've made uservoice requests for both.

I don't really care about new and snappy features that much, I'd just want those basic editing features in first..

I signed up for an account just say that I'm excited for this

I REALLY need this feature! Hopefully you can add it soon, currently this is one of the reasons why I can't do all my texturing within Substance Painter.

is this still in development? I can't believe I can't stamp texture in Painter...