Author Topic: Painter Crashes at Startup  (Read 1188 times)

Hi guys! I don´t know why but from day to night I'm unable to open the application. Yesterday it was going fine and now whenever I launch it, it opens and 10 seconds after, it crashes without even giving me a warning or a windows message and it goes on a loop. No matter how many times I restart, how many times I uninstall and re-install the software, the same error just keeps happening. I´ve got a message about the TDR (GPU Hang Recovery) Setting is too low and after doing some research I found out it might be a graphics card issue so I uninstall all drivers and did a fresh install but the same issue keeps happening, any ideas? I have some projects to work on and I can´t open my saved work on my computer so I have to use another for the time being, please help, thank you!

Thank you Denders1 but I did try before posting here and nothing changed, after 10-15 seconds the program crashes, that didn´t solved the problem.

Did you send a crash report ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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