Author Topic: White screen on B2M after video driver crash  (Read 12150 times)

Recently I frash installed a B2M license on a Win7-64 laptop.
Apfret a video driver crash, the software restarts but shows a white screen instead of the default one.
Clicking with the mouse on the upper area, the dropdown windows shows correctly, but the screen remains white.
How to resolve this issue?
Tried to reinstall a fresh copy, but the problem persists.
Deleted system tmp files, don't worked
Reducing to icon in the system tray works, but when resize to original the backgrouns is still white.

Thanks for help!


One thing you can try would be to remove the Bitmap2Material "3_x" folder from the registry Editor (be careful not to modify other things in the registry editor).
- Use Win+R shortcut, type "regedit" to access to the registry editor
- Go in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" => "SOFTWARE" => "Allegorithmic" => "Bitmap2Material"
- Select the "3_x" folder, then delete it
- Launch B2M3 again to see how it goes
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I tried this but still the window is blank. When I move the cursor it changes accordingly but still the window is blank white
 Pls reply asap. Thanx in advance.

I'm having exactly the same issue. White screen. File menus still drop down but cannot see anything on the viewport. I've tried the above registry alteration but this did not help.

I am really having problems with the softwares - Substance Player, Alchimist and Bitmap2Material. None of them open, the screen goes white when running. My PC has a Nvidia GTX 1080ti and I use Windows 10.