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Hi All,
I made a simple model in Cinema4D, UVed it in 3DCoat, and am trying to do some simple edge wear stuff in SP.  This is my first time using the program.

I've watched some tutorials from Allegorithmic, but I can't seem to get my AO/Curvature maps to bake right.  They either come out all black, or with white in spots that just don't make sense.  Am I skipping a step? Or is this a  scale issue, potentially, as I'm coming from C4D?

FBX is attached.  It's just a quick UVset, done with the auto algorithm.  I assume that's not the problem, but if it is, please let me know!


Can you please attach a log file as well?

Sorry, I don't think I understand.  A log file from SP?

Yes, you can export one through the Help menu.

Sorry I disappeared for a minute.  I've done some more reading on baking, and I think I'm understanding it a bit better now.  I've tried a more complicated mesh, though, and am still getting some erratic results.  Basically, the curvature map just isn't coming out in predictable ways.

This is a relatively simple model.  I subdivided it once, then UVed in 3DCoat.  The UVs shouldn't affect the baking process, right?

I would expect the curvature map to show the edges around that door frame, but it comes out looking funny.  When I use a mask with the curvature map, it spreads out around that doorframe, too.  I have played with the Frontal/Rear distance settings, anti-aliasing, and resolution, but it doesn't seem to affect it.

Is this detail just too small in terms of the whole map?  It seems to me like it should be white where the edge angle changes, and grey along the straight parts, right?

Material view:


First guess from my side would have been a way too low baking resolution?Which one did you use?
Another could be the frontal and rear distance settings too low if you have much difference between the low and the high mesh.But this does not look like it,as you dont have ornaments or so on the door or mirror edge or what this Object resembles.

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You need to lay out the UVs better, there is a lot of distortion and overlap happening. Simply pressing the 'auto-unwrap"-button might work for a simple cube, everything else you need to do manually. Orient the UV islands properly. The UVs of the window frames in your model are an unusable mess.

Also you probably need to bake with higher resolution, as demonslayer already said.