Author Topic: 32f bit tiff Height Map is Mostly Black  (Read 1446 times)

Hi there.

I seem to have an issue with the 32f Bit Exports for a specific Texture set.
My File has 4 texture sets, each have the same height Values for Blood, (the height is set to 0.04). The skin Texture set is the only one that exports Mostly black and a very little grey in a specific area. I have tried exporting as tiff, HRD, EXT and JPeg-xr and the skin Texture comes out the same way.

Im not sure how to upload my file for review ? but below i have two Images of two seprate Texture sets.
On the left is the 16bit PNG, on the Right is the 32f bit tiff file. See how the Weapons texture set has the details in the 32 bit but the Skin dose not.



Please could someone help me figure this one out.
Thanks in advance.
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In Painter, the height is encoded in HDR and can have negative and positive values.

When exporting to PNG, we renormalize the height in the 0-1 range.
When exporting to a HDR capable format, we keep the values as they are, that's why you see black where the value is basically <0.5, these are negative color values.

You see the weapon fine because most likely all the height information is positive (over 0.5 grey).