Author Topic: Recreating a bed texture | Requesting Help  (Read 2060 times)

Hello all,

I have been getting into experimenting with fabrics (more difficult than it sounds) and am having great trouble replicating a bed material I found a shot of in any realistic sense, all my attempts end up looking very disappointing.

I am trying to replicate a quilted material, which has ripples along itself horizontally, crossing over it's vertical stitching, which causes a lot of shadowing and depth, and I am having a lot of trouble replicating this as I am unable to find any Substance examples of anything like this.

Would anyone be able to help me with this?

Quilted.png is a little collection of reference images for the material. is my latest attempt in SD 6.0.2.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I intend to put it on Share, with credit to anyone who can help of course.

Thanks for any responses in advance.

I think a custom plaid would go great with your bed.