Author Topic: Copying Texture from a Texture Set to another Texture set  (Read 982 times)

1- I want to create 10 sci-fi mechanical parts has a .obj ( Armors plates, piston, robotic arm, etc) deploy their UV on 1 big 4096 UV Set (Textures Set A)
2 - Then import my .obj into Substance Painter 2 to paint them and Export my Textures Set A (PBR Mettalic).
3- Import my .obj into Blender
4- Split the Painted mesh i need from that painted kitbash Kit (Textures Set A)
5- Kitbash them with another targeted model who had an 2048 UV Textures Set B
6- Copy UV and all informations from the Textures Set A from theses selected mesh and paste them into the target model UV Textures Set B( In blank Spaces between UV Island to get the most of each UV spaces )
7- Export the new 2048 U Textures Set with new textures added.

There a solution to Copy and paste all PBR Info from a mesh in a Texture Set to another one ? Without Atlasing the complete Texture Set ?
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