Author Topic: Substance Painter stuck on Generating Thumbnails  (Read 7777 times)

It does generate the thumbs on the first run, but simply reading and loading all these metadata files can still take a long time when there are thousands of assets.

I have the same problem, can anyone help me?

I know our Project Shelfs are too big which is why it takes so ages to load everything in but wondering if there isn't an optimization that hasn't bee touched yet.
At the moment Substance seems to load things sequentially .. it starts in the Alpha folder, then moves through all other folders.
But wouldn't it make sense that if I click on the Smart Material Folder that it first scans the Smart Materials in all the available shelfs ? This way people could work while Painter keeps on populating things.


It seems that you have more than 3000 materials in your shelf and that's what is causing the slow population of the shelf. We are looking into improving the shelf loading times but in the meantime, try triming down the amount of materials you have in your shelf or separate them between multiple shelf and load only the shelf you need for your current project.

My textures folder has 5 items and none of the thumbnails load.  I hoped the last 2 patches might change this, but nope.  I've found forums posts from 2 years ago with this issue.  When can we expect to see thumbnails again?

i have the same problem, and yes ! i have more than 3000 materials, i dont know why substance crash, but it won`t be that way

What do you mean by "it crashed"? From what the log shows, your shelves loaded successfully in about 200s (3:30 min) and then you exported a logfile from the Help menu.