Author Topic: Substance Freezing Up...No Workee  (Read 758 times)

This version 2018.3.1 is hanging up and crashing when I click on different texture sets within the list. Yes, I have the latest nvidia drivers. Windows 10 pro x64bit, 3 of nvidia 1080 cards, 128 gb ram.
After some futile efforts I started the whole project over from scratch (which bites because I was 90% complete). With the project brand new and no layers added I can switch between texture sets with no problem. I can add panel lines to the fuselage (height/separate texture) and still switch between texture sets. When I add panel lines to the wings (height/separate texture) the system freezes and crashes. Even after reboot the app will open the airplane project and allow me to switch texture sets with everything except the wings...once I select the wings it freezes and crashes again.

Can someone please help me with this it's uber frustrating!
Log is attached and yes my tdr vales have also been changed.
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Would you be able to send us a copy of that project in a state where it crashes for you?