Author Topic: Painter 2017 maintenance expired, now in 30 day trial mode!!!!!!!!  (Read 4620 times)

My maintenance contract on Painter 2017 expired on Sept. 30 2017. I was of the opinion that even if I didn't renew my maintenance contract that I could still use the last available version of painter that was installed. Today when painter loaded I got a message saying that I could purchase a new maintenance contract, or use the software in 30 day trial mode. Entering the Painter 2017 key does nothing.

Is this the way things are, have we purchased Adobe style ransom packages that stop working if we don't pay up???


Hey, you should be able to use it anyhow.
Let me check with the team what's going on.

Same thing happening to me, request window for license appears, I direct it to my license file, it recognises my license but when I press next it returns me to the original activation request window!

I also noticed that the new update came out the day after the September 30th maintenance cut off happened which I think is a bit cheeky considering all the issues I've been having with every version since SP2 was first launched, I'm reluctant to extend my maintenance license for another year without knowing whether all the problems with the Mac version have been addressed... Is there a list showing fixes/new features relating to version updates?

The update actually came out on September 28th, and you will still have access to the next bugfix release as well.
That being said, the license prompts shouldn't act like this, you can choose the trial mode for now while we work on resolveing the issue.

Hey Jeremy, sorry my bad, I've been checking for update on and off hoping for an update that will actually work with my Mac as it used to (version 1.7 I think was the last time I had a pleasant experience with SP) good to know that the latest release is still accessible though, cheers

Any news on this situation? The days are ticking, slowly, but ticking.


Could you try activating your license again with either your account information or by downloading the license file in your account on the website?

Thank you for the tip Jeremie. Activating using my account info did the trick.  8)