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Kia ora

Why is the NO option to use the current file name in the base name pattern. I'm trying to create a folder of terrain textures
for the purpose of saving me making each time I want some, at this point I have a lovely job of renaming 9 file for each texture manually which is a massive waste of time, if it's  called Cliff_Grassy_d.tga then why does it need to be called Bitmap2Material_3_Base_Color.tga rather than Cliff_Grassy_Base_Color.tga

Making a set of terrain file for Alloy in Unity has jus become a large drawn out hassle

Indeed, this is something we can improve.
Do you have Substance Designer? (it's feasible with it)

Indeed I do I brought the sub package, I do I still need to learn how to drive it and setup good workflows


I add

I'm trying to convert my textures to use with Alloy for Unity and it's saying I need mip-maps when I load a normal am I right in guessing I need to do each texture in Designer to get the correct setup for Alloy?
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Kia ora

I asked quite a while ago about having a better way to export files from B2M

It wonder full that it puts a neat suffix on the file name for the type it is but if you do
as I have been trying to, working through 72 odd files to forma a library having to edit EVERY file for EVERY set
to change the file to reflect the input file name from:


Well to say that is painful is an understatement to say the least I'm wondering if there's been any head way made to maybe have a Prefix that picks up the input file name

What you can do instead of manually renaming 9 textures, is to put "Rock_Moss_Cover_Rock" here before exporting: