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I've looked into Substance Source and the licensing, but do I understand correctly that you can only access SS when you have a monthly sub?
So if I buy a non-sub Indy license, I cannot access SS for materials?

cheers for any answers to clear this up, as both FAQ on SP and SS aren't entirely clear to me on this.


Yes, access to Source is only available with a Substance monthly plan or via a one time purchase for Pro licensees.

I see..

Thanks for clearing that up.


I have Designer and Painter Indie purchased.  How many free materials am I supposed to get and is it a set number per month?  I have 35 now.  Do they accumulate if I don't download regularly? Also: I would like to have some other "not-free" materials, but not all of them, and I do not want to purchase "Pro".  Any way to do this?  Below, the answer seems clear: No!  But, wah!
matthew grimaldi architect

If you got free downloads with your purchase of the Indie tools last years, that's a finite amount and you won't get more.
Only users enroled in the monthly Substance offer get 30 downloads each month. If you already have older licences, you can enroll at half price for 6 months.
There is currently no option to buy materials outside of the subscription.

Thanks for clearing that up.  Too bad!  Those materials look so good.  I hope some option is implemented in the future to allow purchases of individual materials.  Cheers.
matthew grimaldi architect