Author Topic: Manually creating a MetallicSmoothness map from Metallic+Rough?  (Read 3918 times)

So long story short I was asked to port on of my older models to Unity, the problem comes from the fact that I do not currently have access to original Substance project as I have unfortunately lost the file so I cannot just export it as a Unity texture. I do have my original exported textures as

Ambient Occlusion

The AO, Albedo and Normal port to Unity just fine but I see that Unity uses a "Metallic Smoothness" map that treats Roughness differently and is used as a single combined file. I was wondering if it was possible to somehow mix my Roughness and Metallic maps manually, with designer or photoshop or something and create one of these Metallic Smoothness maps from it.

Hey, it's simpler than you think: keep your Substance files in metallic/roughness, and the Substance Engine will automatically convert them for you ;)