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Hello everyone! For those who may not know, 2 earthquakes shook Mexico. A lot of people were affected. Today I’m asking the art community for their support, specially for those people that lost everything, from family members, to all their belongings.

In appreciation for your help, I will be giving out all my SD graphs, which are around 36, some of them are pretty simple materials, but a lot them I certainly know that they will help you to understand the basic and advanced principles of the software. The pack includes also 2 of the templates I always use, a graph with different modular shapes and fresh new atomic nodes (noise generators) that will help you to achieve great materials for your own projects.

I’ll be handing out the zip folder to the people that donate $10usd or more. And will be responding questions about the graphs and giving feedback for the people that donate $30 or more. I’m also considering keeping this group update with all the materials and graphs that I make till’ the end of the year.

Please consider to share this post to the people that might get interested to help in case that you can’t make a monetary contribution.

I link below three options to help those in need, the first option is a close person that is distributing the help to the most needed villages and towns of Morelos where a lot of houses are just rubble. The second link is Red Cross Mexico and the third is a initiative from 2 Mexican actors that are raising money to distribute them among several civil associations. I’d personally recommend the first option because I think the help will be faster and arrive where is more needed, which is sadly the less mentioned by the media.

If you decide to help, you can send me and inbox where I will send you the zip folder containing everything after you show me your receipt.

I thank you very much.

You can find some screenshots of part of the materials in here (no fancy marmoset renders, directly uploaded from SD):

You can get in touch in here or or message me on Artstation, will be looking periodically.

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Nice initiative: that said I changed the links to the Mexican Red Cross only (easier to identify for people who are willing to give)

No problem.