Author Topic: Painter 2.6.1 uses all RAM and crashes  (Read 796 times)

My PC is a bit old, but I was working in Substance Painter before the last update and it was enough:
Intel Core i7
Nvidia GeForce GTX 960

With the last update, Painter can't hold even easiest procedures, I set project size to 1k, tried just to apply the default material as a fill layer, after that Painter uses around 6-7 GB RAM and then crashes. Tried to do the same with the test sphere, set the project size even lower - to 512 - it used all RAM I have and crashed.
Attaching the log file.

UPD: went to and found out that there were few more versions of Substance Painter after 2.6.1.
Updated to the latest one and that fixed the problem.
It's just totally weird that automatic update tool only offered me to upgrade to 2.6.1 version, not to the latest one, as I can't know by heart the latest version number.