Author Topic: Painting normal map detail with the Font tool?  (Read 1746 times)

I would like to add some normal map based engraved font to my model, and for simplicity I would like to do this directly within my "Normal Painting" layer rather than making and using a stencil with a fill layer.

The problem is that I can't see if it's even possible for the Font tool (Listed as an Alpha) to paint normal map information. I have set up the brush and made sure the Normal channel is enabled, but this doesn't paint any detail. Enabling the Height channel works just fine on the Height map, but the normal channel remains blank when checking it with the B hotkey to see individual channel and my model will be getting used without a height map, so it needs to be normal detail.

Is this possible to do?
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hey, you indeed have to use the height channel to do this (normals define an angle, not an height).
It will be converted to a normal map when exporting.