Author Topic: Not choosing the Unity 5 template at project beginning  (Read 1212 times)

So I've done some work in SP and my question is this:

If I didn't choose the Unity 5 template when I first started my project, can I still output the textures using one of the Unity presets and get everything into Unity ok?

I think the project presets just sets the material generated maps, which you can add from the Textureset settings tab using the plus button. With unity the mats use albedo, opacity (transparency), metallic and smoothness (which is gloss, or an inverted roughness), normal, height, ambient occlusion and emissive. When you have that stuff in the project unity 5 export setting will have all it needs.

So correct me if I'm wrong, I dont have substance at my laptop to actually test this. But it /should/ work.