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I had a job to finish and only recently realized that substance painter randomly picks colors. When I pick color in fill layer, it is sRgb as 0.1 is almost on half of the slider, and when I color pick in Smart Material, the brightness values are evenly distributed so, its linear. I dont know how this can happen, but such inconsitencies in software I never saw before.

How to solve this discrepancies, I want to pick always in linear.

When I import in photoshop, and color pick the color I exported from Substance Painter, I get like 0.65 (65% ) brightness, while in SP it is around 0.38

I need a way to EXACTLY know what I am exporting?

You shouldn't rely on the picker in Photoshop to check your colors against SP since the color pickers are not using the same gamma space.
If you look at the color in SP in solo unlit mode and the exported result in Photoshop, you will see that it's exactly the same color, but the SP color picker shows you the linear space value while Photoshop shows you the sRGB value.

I've seen this confusion happen a fair few times. It would be great if Painter either had an option to show values in Linear or sRGB, or showed both.
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Agreed :)