Author Topic: Free download being deducted from my available downloads ?  (Read 1619 times)

Hey Guys,

Don't know if I'm going crazy here, but a couple of days ago I had 15 available downloads left, I then downloaded 'Space Shuttle Tiles' which took me to 14, then I downloaded 'Scrapped Paint' and the counter jumped to 12...

I'm not mistaken as I keep a close eye on my available downloads and try to use them judiciously and wisely...

Before 'Space Shuttle Tiles',  I had downloaded a freebie (Metal Mesh Oblong), so I'm wondering if there is a glitch/error and the software has then decided to treat the free download as a purchase (for want of a better term).

It's no biggie, but I just thought I would let you know.

I would just like to say I absolutely love everything you do :)


Hi, we took a look at your last downloads on Source and everything seems to be correct.
When you downloaded "Scrapped Paint" you were at 13 (and switched to 12 after the download).
Here is a quick overview of the last operations in case it can help :

"balanceBefore": 15,
"balanceAfter": 14,
"asset": "Granite Rock Mossy",
"amount": -1,
"date": "2017-09-09T10:55:38"

"balanceBefore": 14,
"balanceAfter": 14,
"asset": "Metal Mesh Oblong",
"amount": 0,
"date": "2017-09-12T18:26:56"

"balanceBefore": 14,
"balanceAfter": 13,
"asset": "Space Shuttle Tiles",
"amount": -1,
"date": "2017-09-12T20:58:47"

"balanceBefore": 13,
"balanceAfter": 12,
"asset": "Scrapped Paint",
"amount": -1,
"date": "2017-09-13T08:23:17"

"balanceBefore": 12,
"balanceAfter": 11,
"asset": "Metal Coated",
"amount": -1,
"date": "2017-09-13T21:20:15"

"balanceBefore": 11,
"balanceAfter": 10,
"asset": "Waffled Thread Plate",
"amount": -1,
"date": "2017-09-13T21:20:55"

And thanks for the kind words!

Lead technical artist

Thanks for the prompt reply, I must be mistaken, feel really stupid now  ::)


No problem, thanks for your reply.
Lead technical artist