Author Topic: Tile Generator Horizontal Mask  (Read 890 times)

Hi, I'm looking to mask every 3rd row with the horizontal Mask, the default is every other row, is there a function i can use to get this



Yeah, sure you can. You'll want to use the mask map input of the Tile Sampler, instead of the Tile generator.

Set up a user input (integer1) that you use to control the Y amount in the Tile Sampler. Use the same number to drive the tiling parameter of a gradient.

In the function of the gradient, divide the number by 3 (or whatever sequence of rows you want to mask out).

Now you might need to adjust the position of the gradient a tiny bit (that's what my transform node is), but you should just have to drag the Tile Sampler's Mask Map Threshold until it looks right.
Good luck!
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