Author Topic: Export World Space/Object Space normal map from SubstancePainter ?  (Read 2028 times)

Hi Here !

So, I am having this problem, and I have difficulties believing that there is no feature in SP to actually export ObjectSpace/World space normal maps from Substance Painter, could someone point me out how/where I can do that ?

In the export settings I have:
-Input Maps - Normals (Tangent space)
-Mesh maps - World Space, not what I want, it only export the baked maps, but not the normals with all the layers
-Converted Maps - Opengl/DirectX Normals.

No World space normals including all the painted layers ?  :o Am I missing something obvious here ?

Using ObjectSpace normals in video game can be very beneficial, especially for examples for unique rocks, as it would really help to hide LOD transitions (that often change the mesh tangent normals).

I have seen in other posts people sharing SubstanceDesigner files doing the conversion, but that is really not a great workflow, using xNormal would clearly be faster...

Could anyone help me ?

Thank you.