Author Topic: Substance Designer Optimized for Unity Mobile?  (Read 11744 times)

Dear Allegorithmic,

We are considering to buy Substance Designer as a primary Texturing Creation Tool for Unity Mobile Platforms (IOS/Android) and have the following questions.

1.  Can Substance Designer be used to create Substances that are optimized for Unity Mobile ?

2.  If it can be used for Unity Mobile, can you provide some sort of Best Practice Guideline or Tutorial?


The optimization for mobile depends on the complexity of the graphs you produce. We will release soon a pack of mobile optimized substances that should help you learn how to optimize your substances.
We also added a profiler since 3.5 allowing you to see exactly which node and part of a graph is more costly than the rest.

The key is often to not try to do every asset from scratch in substance, and use it only where it will save you time and asset size, sometimes starting from bitmaps or svgs.


Can you give an estimate time frame for when we can test the pack of mobile optimized substances.  Only because we can decide of whether or not we can use Substance Designer for current projects.



You can download the free Substance for mobile package on the Unity asset store.

Head of Product Management

By 'Profiler' do you mean the millisecond timings on the nodes? Or is there something else?
I'm guessing these should be used as a guide because the mobile generation is much slower.

The timings given for each node are measured on the machine you are running the Substance Editor on, probably using the DX9 engine if you are on a PC and have not changed the default settings. It is quite likely that the actual performance on a given mobile target will be slower as your computer's GPU is probably much more powerful than any existing mobile's CPU.
However, the relative speed of each node should be similar, so you can still use those timings as an indication of where optimisations are needed.
It is possible that you will get performances closer (i.e. slower) to what you will observe on your mobile target in Designer if you switch to the CPU (SSE2) engine (in Tools->Switch Engine...).