Author Topic: Anchor points for masks?  (Read 1223 times)

Quite often I find myself in a situation when I have created an elaborate mask for my folder and then I realize that it would be great if I could use the very same mask (yet not just the static copy of it) in some other place with some other parameters. In those cases I dream about anchor points for masks. I personally ONLY use b&w anchor maps so I would LOVE to see anchor points for masks also because masks' blending options work better (or should I say they just work as opposed to some of them completely not working on colored layers) as well as they have a much better b&w color picking slider (instead of the painful 10-click color picking cube for the colored layers). Any chance to see them in future updates?

U-kay, just realized this is already in. Silly me. For some reason I was sure this feature was missing.

Sorry, this thread can be deleted.