Author Topic: SD > Unity via SBSAR - why can I still control Smoothness in Unity?  (Read 1389 times)


Sort of SD-Unity beginner question about using the Metal/Rough workflow via SBSAR export from SD.  My SD to Unity pipeline seems to be working well, but I'm wondering why - if I'm exporting Roughness out of SD - in Unity I still have access to the Smoothness control there.  Why isn't my Roughness channel export somehow overriding Unity's smoothness control?

Also, seems like I have to adjust the Smoothness in Unity for each material to match what I was seeing in SD.


Hey, the Substance Engine within Unity automatically converts metallic/roughness, to metallic glossiness (the Unity default system), so you don't have to care about the conversion.

Could you provide a screenshot for the difference between both software?

Hi Vincente,

Thanks for replying.  I'm using SD 5.53.  Here are 2 screenshots.  Note the grunge amount in the roughness channel of SD.  But not seeing that much (or any) grunge in the smoothness picture in Unity.  Again, this probably falls along the lines of just rookie SD>Unity workflow mistake, but would help me to learn to get my textures more accurate.


did you try with the same envmap? the one by default is not that good in Unity.

Ok, so you think it's simply an environmental map issue.  The client picked the Skybox in Unity, so I'm kind of stuck with that env.

I'll play around with that.  Thanks!


Make a test with another one, and show him the difference ;)