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I have been using Substance Painter for only a few days, and i'd like to use the built-in IRay Engine to render finished models into an image. The problem is i'm unable to switch to rendering mode. After the program starts, the Iray icon on the top bar has hatch pattern on top, i can't click on it and the 'Rendering (Iray) F10' option is grayed out too in the Mode menu on the top. If i keep the cursor above the icon for a short time, the popup appears saying: "IRay initialization failed. See Log for details" The log window says: "[Iray Service] Fail to initialize Iray" Then i looked for the Log.txt file to see if that says something, this is the line i think might be useful:
[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Iray Service]" Failed to load library (ErrorCode: 126): A megadott modul nem található. (This translates to: "The specified module can not be found") I'll insert the entire log as an attachment

The bad thing is it doesn't specify what is missing, so i'm just sitting here blind. I couldn't find any, even similar problems with IRay in Google no matter what i'm searching for, seemingly no one else have this issue. The only thing that might had been somewhat relevant to this was Microsoft C++ 2010 package, some users said uninstalling and reinstalling did help for them with Iray in different softwares, I have tried, IRay still doesn't work for me. Everything else is fine inside Substance Painter and i don't have any issue with my system anywhere else. Specs:

Substance Painter version 2017.2.0
IRay version 2016.

CPU Intel i5-4690k 3.5 GHz
GPU Sapphire Vapor-X R9 290X 4GB
Ram DDR-3 1666MHz 4x4GB
OS Windows 10 Pro x64, about 1 month old, clean install
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Can you go into your installation folder and see if Iray is present ?
Go into Painter\PlugIns\iray and see if the dlls libneuray.dll, libiray.dll, cudart64_80.dll and optix_prime.1.dll are present. If not, try a clean reinstall of the application.

Check also :

Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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I have all the 4 files in the Iray folder
I've tried running with anti-virus completely turned off but still the same result. The other listed softwares are not relevant in my case, I don't have any of those installed. I will reinstall Painter after i've finished my current project, see if that works