Author Topic: 3D Viewer lights don't rotate  (Read 1061 times)

Lights don't rotate, I'm using Shift + LMB + Move

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still the same. I start a new substance, make sure both lights are on, display the lights. I can see them both at the bottom of the default cube and they won't rotate. I can rotate environment just fine.

Searched on forum and googled, still no wiser.

Any help appreciated.

If they are exactly at the bottom and you move left and right, then that is expected : in fact they are rotating, but since they are rotating around the vertical axis, if they are on that axis then you will not see any difference.
If you move up and down instead, you should see them rotate away from the vertical axis however. Isn't that the case ?
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I'm having the same issue, im trying to rotate in all direction moving the mouse. No update on lights. Little help, please? :'(

cntrl + shift + RMB rotates light for me in substance designer.

I have the same problem, created a topic here:
For me the point lights are simply dysfunctional (nonexistant, despite enabled), but the light from the environment map can still be manipulated