Author Topic: Substance Designer very slow at loading highpoly meshes  (Read 2036 times)

As the title says - In my experience, in Designer, it is taking a lot longer to load highpoly geometry during the baking process, compared to Painter.
It seems to be the triangulation, that is taking ages, compared to Painter.

anyone else experiencing the same? any explanations?
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hey, do you mind sharing your log file please?
you can also pretriangulate your mesh to see if it makes a difference.

I'll see if this is happening at home as well, I'll keep you posted


i tried it out at home, but I am not really getting consistent results to back my claim.

i tried baking a 6 mio and a 22 mio highpoly, time for loading and baking was the same for designer and Painter


another thing, that I am curious about:

In Painter, I get the mesh displayed without smoothing groups. In Designer, I can see the normal seams between the smoothing groups, as if they were created from the UV shells.
In Zbrush, this mesh is just 1 polygroup, I also exported it with groups off.

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The mesh is triangulated?
could your send your log file as well?


I attached the lowpoly to my previous posting, if you want to check the smoothing groups thing.

regarding logs and triangulation: for my tests at home, I didn't get any difference in baking time. so logs might not contain anything useful.

but I have another idea, which I will try out next, once I find time :)

Hey, the ZBrush export gives sometimes unexpected results: just import/reexport the obj in another 3d app like Blender and it will fix it.

I am still having this issue: Quite often Substance Designer takes ages to triangulate a mesh, while Painter loads the same mesh much quicker.

I don't understand this kind of inconsistency between Painter and Designer

Hey, SD & SP  don't process the mesh the same way.
Did you try to pre-triangulate the mesh before importing it?

Hi Vincent,

yes, after getting these long triangulation times I triangulated the mesh using the fbx export settings for zbrush

I am observing varying loading times for the same mesh - and as mentioned in other posts a lot of different behaviour between painter and designer, which makes it hard for me to establish a reliable workflow

are there plans to use the same baker module for both at some point in the future? I assume that would make your lives easier, when it comes to updating the software
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The baking engine underneath is the same for SP and SD if my not wrong.

I finally found a solution to this general inconsistency in baking times and also quality, thanks S and E :)

long story short: the further away from the origin low/high poly geometries are, the longer the bake takes, and the less accurate it is
I guess, that´s why it´s best practice to export geometry from the center of the scene, but having that said, I was surprised about the impact of the distance to the origin. I had assumed, that as long as the pivot point is centered to the geometry, the scene origin is not relevant.

try it out:
i.e. 3dsMax: compare the bake  (time and quality) of a low/high, that was exported from the center of a 3dsMax scene to a bake, that is done with geo moved away 1000m from the center of the 3dsMax scene

the difference between substance painter and substance designer is, that for painter, this affects both baking time and quality/result (related to the bounding box I guess), while for designer, it only affects baking time

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