Author Topic: One high poly, 3 low polyes, One UV shell, won't bake?  (Read 758 times)

So I am running into the issue where if I have meshes named as they should for "Matching by name" feature.
Basically I have one high poly mesh and 3 low poly meshes that use same uv space and same textures. No matter how I name them the baking process won't work.

Only way I've found to work is to bake on one low poly mesh and then change the mesh in project settings to tree.

Is there an easier way to do that so I don't have to have two separate LP mesh files? One for baking and other for painting?

Can you try baking again with the regular process and then attaching here the log file ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Sorry for that I didn't respond for a long time. Thank you for replay. I have included all the information you have requested.