Author Topic: Charged twice for one month of Substance Indie  (Read 1883 times)

Hey Guys

Can somebody sort this out promptly.

On the 15th of this month (4 days ago) I purchased a 1 month Indie License, here are the details...

Subscription to Substance - Indie license - Order #136619 - User #84728

The funds were taken immediately and the transaction appeared on my online bank statement a couple of days ago.

Then today my bank has informed me that you have taken the money again. Unfortunately, at the moment I'm living on a shoestring, so I really cannot afford for this to happen...

This is not a mistake on my part, so can you please rectify this and issue me a refund ASAP.

**EDIT** Now I've realised my phone bill hasn't been paid today because of this rogue transaction, this will incur a charge of £15 from my Service Provider. So thanks Allegorithmic, not only have you taken monies twice for something I bought once, I'm now owing money to other people because of it !! **EDIT**
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Hi, please contact us directly on so we can take alook at this issue asap, thanks!

OK Jeremie, thanks , I will


As we answered you on the contact form, there was only one charge on September 15.
You should see with your bank what is this other charge, which is not from Allegorithmic.

Head of Product Management

Hello Nicolas

Hmmm. no answer from the contact form...

My bank had made a mistake, I sent an email via contact@allegorithmic, but no reply, here's what I said :

"Hey Guys,

I posted a bit of a rant in the thread below, but I wasn't given the correct information by my bank.,19164.0.html

Apparently because of fluctuations in the exchange rate, an error occurred which made it look like Allegorithmic had charged me twice for 1 months Indie license and Substance Source access. But it seems that is not the case now.

Here is my original transaction info :

Subscription to Substance - Indie license - Order #136619 - User #84728

Anyway, all seems OK now - although my bank have asked me to keep an eye out in-case on your side it looks like you haven't received the payment and try to take it again.

Sorry for the confusion...."