Author Topic: sbsrender doesnt exit on warnings  (Read 6695 times)


I have sbsrender throwing warning messages, but they dont cause it to exit, just continue. That is good for some cases, but I actually need it to exit. Its for input image paths. Example below.

STDOUT: [WARNING][Default](0): FileTextureLoader >> Loading  "X:\\xxxx.exr"  Failed
STDOUT: [WARNING][SBSBaker]Image input "color-id" has not been set.

Could we have an option to treat warnings as critical ?


As things are now, probably not. For it to be usable we would need to have a way to identify several levels of severity, or to only promote some specific types of warnings. Currently, some warnings are just notifications of perfectly valid settings/events, and a lot of base substances in the default library emit warnings. Just treating all warnings as errors will simply make cooking fail for all but the simplest of substances.
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Fair point. Perhaps I can catch warning that I need in Python, and force it to exit or give me some error message.