Author Topic: Endless Crashing With no Known Cause  (Read 1771 times)

First off, I love painter and it's a core piece of software in my workflow and I love seeing it improve, that said.

Ever since quite a few versions back I've been receiving CTDs in Painter when working with larger projects. I've submitted crash reports for when I'm given the option after crashing, and I've only ever received 2 or 3 replies to fix the issue, neither of which did fix it. As I'm no longer receiving replies I'm hoping someone here can help pinpoint my issue.

Regarding the replies, I've edited my registry to increase/remove the TDRDelay and have also increased my virtual memory to a fairly large amount (around 30gb if I remember correctly).
Other than that, I've combined all the meshes in my scene into a single object and disabled some Nvidia control panel features for painter as listed on Allegorthimic. These haven't fixed the problem.

In pretty much every case, painter is loading/compiling something (the red bar shows up). There doesn't seem to be a correlation between what I'm currently doing and crashing. I could be adjusting a levels or adding a layer, I get scared to even touch my mouse whenever it's loading. It doesn't crash when idling or loading a file. It can crash when editing layers at the very top of my layer stack. I work in 4k but have just the same received crashes in 2k.

My files are around 4GB+, since Painter doesn't have an autosave feature and the only alternative is a plugin which saves automatically for me I tend to lose lots of progress. I'd save more but with such large files it takes forever as I don't have an SSD, the autosave plugin doesn't help as it's no faster than manually saving leaving me sitting there for a couple minutes.

What could be a single days work is becoming more than a few because I'm losing progress and can't get anywhere with these crashes. This seems to become more and more of a problem with larger files, it's happened with the little amount of texture sets I've had (from 3 to 7).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My specs:
GTX 980ti 6GB
i7 4790 @ 3.60GHz
16GB DDR3 1866MHz
Windows 8.1
SP Steam version (2017.2.0)

Would also like to note Iray's normals/tangents are broken for me. I've had mention that it's an issue with Nvidia/the 980ti though I don't know if this is related.

Weird, I even checked the registry editor and I saw the values already set up. I've taken a screenshot before using the key you shared.

I've used the key and have given my PC a restart. Haven't had the chance to use Painter after that, I've only launched it, log file is attached.


I checked the log and saw that it now says I have tdr delay set to 60, so far haven't had any crashes at all. Not sure why it seems to take effect now, but it seems to be fixed. I'll give an update if it ends up crashing, but thanks for the help.

No problem: keep us updated ;)

Hello again. Sadly I'm back. 
I submitted one or two more crash reports to which I got a reply to increase my virtual memory. This time I've allocated a total of 43GB of virtual memory and even with the TdrDelay increased I still get crashes.
I'm sure they're less frequent now, yet still very damaging to my work.

I'm completely out of options, no one I know gets crashes to this scale. Some people haven't even modified Tdr values or virtual memory or gone out of their way to improve performance and don't get crashes like me.

This problem has persisted across windows 7 and 8.1. I've attached a log I've exported right after a crash, I can no longer see the Tdr delay value after the latest update either. Any help is greatly appreciated.