Author Topic: shelf system very frustrating  (Read 1140 times)

Just wondering if there is a comprehensive guide on the shelf system that is perhaps a bit more in depth than just the manual. I find the shelf system in Substance Painter very opaque and frustrating: inability to edit paths while a project is open seems very odd, and even thought I've pointed it at my own folders to use for shelves, it doesn't seem to update when i put new content in them. I'm just wondering if I'm completely missing something here, some paradigm/thought process on it that would make it make more sense? A little illumination here would be very appreciated. Thanks!

If you want to import assets in the shelf and see them directly in your current session, you need to drag and drop them in the Painter window. Files directly copied in the folders or changes to said folders are not monitored in real-time yet, but it's planned for a future update.