Author Topic: Individual layer masks for adjustment filters?  (Read 1246 times)

I've been learning how to projection paint better lately, but I'm using a video series intended for Mari. It seems to have a handy feature where you can create masks per adjustment in it's adjustment stack. IE Layer 1 can have both color balance and hsv adjustments, but each adjustment can have their own black/white mask, while the layer itself can have even yet  it's own mask as well.

I'm not finding a way to add a mask to an adjustment in painter, and the only way I can think of pulling something like this off is to have a blank layer per adjustment to handle their own mask, but that could lead to a convoluted layer stack, and I'm not sure it'd even work properly. Any ideas?
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Effects can't have their own mask.
What you can do is duplicate your layer, add a different effect to both and then mask each layer independently.