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hello, guys, i wonder if anyone can help with this annoying bug, I am new using substance painter and personally love the software. I erase one material then undo it and this log message keeps appearing.
already uninstall and install didn't work, tried to clean shelf and the same no luck   

Is there a way to reset substance to forget that this material was created?
the program starts fine and after a few seconds, the log error appears.

please help thanks ahead !!

Did you try emptying this folder? C:\Users\...\Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\shelf\presets\materials

yeap I got an empty material on the shelf inside the program and the error appears anyway !!

is not stopping the program working or anything really bad, but is just annoying see an error when I am starting to work

the program starts fine, just In a few seconds, the red message appears. 

but thanks for the help Jeremie.

I already solved the problem, looks like substance painter save the materials in the materials presets folder

but for some reason, there is a material preset folder and the material preset folder as an administrator there are two preset folders. is anyone of you guys save a material preset your material is in the preset folder as an administrator, not the common folder in program files, there is nothing in there.

so if you undo it a material the program keep looking and looking showing an error until you erase manually the material from the material preset folder as an administrator.

was very confusing for me because I assumed there is only  one material preset folder

thanks to Damien Climent he told me that the problem was the material preset folder and the correct location
no more annoying star on substance painter.
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