Author Topic: Ambient Occlusion Bake Crash (Nvidia Quadro 2000)  (Read 5951 times)

Hi, I am currently running SD 3.11 Non Commercial,  I am trying to bake out an ambient occlusion map (2048x2048) following the cymurai tutorial but  SD crashes on baking  the AO map. 

My system setup is as follows:
AMD T1060  hexcore 3.2hgz
8gb ram
Nvidia Quadro 2000 graphics card

I was wondering if there is a  way to fix the problem?


The Ambient Occlusion depends on the GPU, so unfortunately I don't think it's fixable.
Did you try in 1K? We often see problems in 2K, but in general in 1K it works with almost all the GPU.

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You dont actually need to bake the ao map in sd.
its only very comfortable there. maybe try to bake it in 2k in xNormal or your 3d app and import that. will work just the same.

(i know, no fix, but at least a workaround)

Yeah,  seems to work on 1k.   That being said I definitely think full Quadro support would be a cool feature as it is nvidia's  "professional" graphics card range.  Anyways I will just use xnormal for AO  as the last poster suggested :)   All in all I am very happy with the performance of the rest of the application.

For my next computer though, what card would you recommend I get?  Is the main limiting factor the amount of vram on the card?

You shouldn't have any issue with any of the middle/high end GeForce or Radeons card on the market right now. Ironically, "professional" cards such as Quadros and FireGL tend to be harder to deal with driver wise.