Author Topic: Bake problems Substance painter 2017.2.0 + Nvidia 980GTX + macOS Sierra  (Read 3156 times)

Seems that is not possible bake textures correctly in OSX with nvidia webdriver here a screenshots, in other machine (iMac late 2013 with Nvidia GTX 780M without nvidia web drivers) the same file works fine with same substance painter and macOS Sierra releases.

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Interesting, I had a similar problem just yesterday with an External GPU (GTX 1070) and macOS, perhaps indeed related to driver?,18986.0.html

Yes, seems be a problem with nVidia Web Driver and Substance painter... We must wait to a response from dev team...

Its something they are aware of. I rolled back to 2.4.1 and the baking works properly.

Its something they are aware of. I rolled back to 2.4.1 and the baking works properly.

That's pretty huge of a rollback, is it?

How do you open files that was created in v2017?

(I am on Steam so that's another layer of problem for me.)

Hi guys,

We are working on this issue.
Could you try to go back on the Apple Drivers, and see if the issue is still present?

Unfortunately, a file created with 2017.2 cannot be opened with an earlier version of Painter.
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With release 2.4.1 same file bake correctly... but with 2.5.3 and beyond not.

@edenexposito Unfortunately since the 2.4.1 version we did numerous fixes in the baker, so we can't go back to this version.
Could you give a try with the officials Apple drivers?
We believe with them the bakers should work fine. 
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I can't go with native official Apple Drivers due to I only have 1 graphic card in my system and I need Nvidia Webdrivers to run it properly.

Not exists Apple Official Drivers for my Graphic Card model (GTX 980) only Nvidia Webdrivers

Seems that the same issue will occurs with these users with external nvidia gpu that need nvidia webdrivers to work.


Apple provides GPU drivers for their native configurations, therefor those are the only one we can provide support for. Custom setups with non-official GPUs are not part of the configurations we can help with.

In general Nvidia Mac drivers should work, but in case of bugs we recommend using back official Apple drivers as they can provide sometimes more stability. If you don't have access to them, we can't help much more unfortunately.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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I understand that my case is not normal. But Apple in the near future wants its customers (who need it) to mount their power video cards externally (Thunderbolt 3 enclosures), in Nvidia case, high-end graphic cards models only work with their Nvidia web drivers in OSX.

If Allegorithmic doesn't solve this kind of issues any Mac user could not use any high-end Nvidia graphic card with Substance Painter.

The only workaround I can find is to open your model in 2.4.1, bake all your maps, export them, then in your 2017 project import them and assign them 1 by 1. It's really tedious.

What I'm doing until this gets resolves is just using 2.4.1 to generate smartmasks and then outputting them for use in Mari.

And yeah, I'm not sure only offering support on macOS for included graphics cards is a long term solution. Well I am sure - its not. GPU rendering and 3rd party eGPU's will be pretty common this time next year. its a tough sell to adopt a subscription software business model when the policy is 'we can't/won't/don't support nvidia GPUs in macOS'.

I have a similar Mac/Nvidia configuration and am experiencing the exact same bake problems.  Sadly, this is my first experience with Substance Painter and I spent 2 days trying to unsuccessfully resolve the issue before coming upon this post.  I have yet to successfully get my first model into Substance Painter.  Bummer, because this software looks pretty darn awesome, but is of no use to me unless I move to PC (which I may do very soon).

Hi guys, are you on High Sierra?

I have just upgraded and I can confirm baking works with Substance Painter 2017.2 and latest Nvidia web driver.

(You need a different kext hack, but I think it works better: )

(If you need help with the installation, go here: )

Thanks for chiming in, bitinn!  I'm currently on just plain Sierra.  When I upgrade (which may not be for awhile), I'll see if I experience the same positive results.