Author Topic: Specify GPU(s) for rendering?  (Read 9721 times)

It would be nice if sbsrender could support GPUs for rendering as a parameter. The system I have has an Intel iGPU and two NVIDIA dGPUs, is there any information on how sbsrender is choosing GPUs for rendering with? If I could give priority to the dGPUs over the iGPU that'd be great :)

It is possible but unfortunately not very well described in the samples.
To use the dx10 renderer on windows add the following to the command line --engine d3d10pc. At the moment the linux and mac versions have some issues with the gpu engine but it will be resolved in the next release. Unless you have a reason not to use the gpu rendering you should and soon the samples will be updated to reflect this.

GPU rendering is already in use with the parameters you mentioned, I discovered it when trying to figure out why 4k outputs were rendering as 2k images.

I'm not asking how to enable GPU rendering, I'm asking how to know which GPU is selected for rendering, or in the case of multiple GPUs priority/distribution of render tasks to GPUs. Eg, if I want to render 10,000 times, is each sbsrender call going to task the iGPU(which is dx10 capable) each time and thus render slower than a more powerful dGPU like an Nvidia 1080?

Can I alternatively blacklist the iGPU?

You can force which GPU to use on a per application basis using Nvidia's control panel.