Author Topic: Confused about the New Project Templates and how they relate to Export  (Read 4239 times)

Hello everybody!

I'm a total beginner in Substance Painter, and I've been watching my way through as many tutorials as I can, but there's a couple of questions that I really need to find answers to.  I'm hoping someone here can help.

1 - When you set up a new project, and you pick a template for a particular shader mode for the pbr and older workflows, can you still export properly for different software and have it all look correct?

I'm going to be mainly using Keyshot for rendering, but am considering purchasing Marmoset as well.  I have Modo 801 as well, but it doesn't have PBR support.

2 - What template should I be using for each of the above?

3 - If it isn't possible to export and have the same project look correct in all the above mentioned renderers, is there a way to convert it to save on having to completely re-do things from scratch if some need to switch renderers arises?

4 - I have old substances from ages ago, and I can import them into Painter, but the Colour map isn't on by default, so all the previews are grey.  Toggling the colour map on on a layer that has the material on it shows the colour, but the preview never updates so all the materials are grey.

I'm guessing this is because they are from an older version of the Substance suite, but I've no idea how to fix them so they display properly.  Any pointers?

Thanks in advance!

1. Yes, the template just sets up your work environment for a specific target but as a general rule, if you use the default metal/roughness template, you will be able to export to any target later on.

2. See above, using the Metal/Rough template will allow you to export to anything. Modo and Toolbag will work with the default export preset, and you can use the Keyshot export preset for Keyshot. The maps needed will automatically be converted and exported with the right convention.

3. See above :)

4. It's likely that the substances you have use an old diffuse/spec/gloss shadeing model and the previews will look wrong anyway. You could change the shader used for the previews, but then all the newer materials would look incorrect. There is no good solution here unfortunately.

What a great response to wake up to!  Thanks a lot Jeremie.  I'll tinker with the old substance designer files and see if I can work out a way to make them at least a wee bit useful, but if I can't find a solution it's no biggie - the first 3 questions were my big worries.