Author Topic: MODO to SD4 Tutorial - (complete workflow) wanted  (Read 13394 times)

Hey Wes,

were you able to solve this?
Is this an "insulated incident" or is this stuff still problematic in other apps, but maya?

I get a bit frustrated and hold myself back from 3D a bit - I´ve found my way into blender (was hard enough), tried Modo, got my hands on Zbrush for a while, tried Hexagon, Voidworld, 3D Coat and now it seems like "back to maya"... makes my head spin a bit  ;D

So I would be glad to finally find a 3D modling app to stick with for the future, to do complete work in and most important - to work 100% with export to unity and SD/SP

Anyways, I made a 6x6 segments cube (in Modo), assigned 5 Materials to different poly-areas and exported as .fbx with no additional settings... imported in SD 4.3.1 (forgot to update my USB-Stick-Version^^) and all material-IDs show up in the baker-dialog, with right face-count and color.

Baking UV to SVG with Material-ID Color works, also...

Kind regards

I tried it again on a different project and didn't have any issues with the FBX export from modo with multiple materials on a single mesh. Hopefully, that was an isolated incident. Good to hear it worked for you as well.



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But what not works for me, is smoothing (or maybe I did it wrong?)

I exported the .fbx when in modo-catmull-clark subd view - but get ugly lit / relfexions when importing that into SD... and more worse, no rounded edges any more...

Exporting the .fbx when in "normal, non sub-d view" gives 1:1 result in SD.


edit: tested a few things, when creating a sub-d cube (rounded edges) in Voidworld and export as .dae file (there is no fbx export) it´s 1:1 in SD (shading is correct and edges are round)
However, when exporting the same Sub-D cube from Modo (.dae), the rounded edges get lost and
shadings looks ugly (in SD and VoidWorld)... so for me, the material IDs are working in Modo, but the smoothing/vertex shading seems not to work on export (no matter if fbx or dae) and it´s not SD´s fault...

edit2: In Modo, have to freeze "sub-D´d geometry" first, then it will display correct... hmmm


The sub-D won't transfer. As you mentioned, you would need to freeze the sub-d level to have it retain the rounded edges. When exporting from Voidworld, it must freeze sub-d. If you have just a six-sided cube, you wouldn't want to complete smooth this. It would cause shading errors because the sides are at 90 degree angles.


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Hey Wes,

when in VoidWorld (NVil) and exporting from 3d View with "Sub-D toggled on", the cube is going to be exported as sub-d cube (round edges), when Toggle "Sub-D off" and exporting, it will just be a box (no rounded edges here).

I was not aware, that one have to freeze Sub-D in Modo, before exporting... so what you see in the 3D-Viewport is not, what you will get on export (if you not freeze).

Ok, I gain some hope to finally find my toolset to dive into, hehehehe

Have a sweet day...

/ Solved