Author Topic: B2M importing png turns to black/ white  (Read 1477 times)

Hi guys,

I have spent too much time trying to figureout why it turns black(if i import png) or white(if imported tga) for the tranparent area around the leaf. So i thought i should ask for some help

Any idea how to stop it from happening?

Thanks for your time!


Be sure to enable the "Opacity" output (in the "Outputs" group). I quickly tested using a PNG and a TGA (32b with alpha) and it seems to be ok.
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Hey Gaetan,

Thanks for the reply. You are right. it does turn on the opacity.


it just gives me unwanted color data around the leaf after exporting [I've tried exporting png tiff but still the same effect :<]. although its a png with transparent bg.

Any idea why?

Thanks for your time!
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Hi All.

I am dealing with the exact same issue as crazrep. I want to preserve the transparency of my leaf texture and the exported tga adds a background to it.

Thank you for your help