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I'm looking for a little guidance on 3DS Max's use of substances.

I've successfully imported a substance into 3dsmax, but it currently feels like a fair amount of manual work is needed make the materials user friendly and allow for a streamline work flow when unwrapping to a generated texture.

The end goal is to have a library of substance, which a team can reference and unwrap models against. This library will also be reference inside unity. The 3dsmax Vray macroscript (supplied by Allegorithmic) looks like it does a  pretty good job of auto setting materials but we don't use Vray in the studio, so it doesn't work.     

Currently a substance is created with the name being set number of the previous map +1 for example Map#??.  The subsequent maps which are created when connecting are numbered incrementally.
This naming or lack there of makes it more difficult, when choosing a texture and uv unwrapping against it.     

See the attached image.

Is there currently away to have the map name be auto generated by the substance? This would save alot of manual work.

Also are there any Substance library browser/manager tools available for 3dsmax?
It appears like the old substance bonus tools had a lot of this functionality. But its very old and and I'm unable to find a download for it.


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Thanks for the fast response.

Unless I've misunderstood, that doesn't solve the issue as the studio doesn't use VRay. 
As mentioned in the previous post we're not looking for a Vray solution.

I'd just like a way to rapidly set up substance and have the maps created based off of the substance name.
This is the error that I'm greeted with which a assume is cause from the lack of vray.

Any further help would be great


I haven't been able to find an easy way without renaming and connecting everything manually. I wonder if it would be possible with a third party asset management app like Connectior? (

If you're just using them in 3ds max for reference while unwrapping, couldn't you just export a diffuse map for each substance? It's not the best solution but it is far better than importing and connecting dozens of substances.

EDIT: I'm not familiar with the error, did you download the 3ds max beta plug-in from the top of this forum?
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I'll check design connect to see it remedies any of these issues. Yeah this is the beta download straight from the forum....

I  may just have to start learning max script :(